Who are the Gurkhas?

The Brigade of Gurkhas are Nepalese soldiers who have been recruited to the British army since a peace treaty between the two countries was signed in 1815. They have fought as British soldiers in two world wars and many other conflicts, including those in the Falklands, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. They were described by a high court judge in 2003 as having “established a reputation as frontline troops which is second to none”.

“Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the world-famous Gurkha soldiers.

The Gurkhas made a significant contribution to maintaining social stability in Hong Kong during unsettling times, enabling the Hong Kong SAR to become the world city it is today. From 1948 to 1997, Gurkha soldiers secured the border, provided humanitarian support during natural disasters, helped in environmental protection efforts and bomb disposal.