About GCT

The Gurkha Cemeteries Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation. The objective of the Trust is to establish a non-profit-making educational and community institute to promote Gurkha culture, history and values in Hong Kong. The Trust would also liaise with similar organisations to further its objectives, including developing educational and promotional resources. The Trust also helps to maintain Gurkha cemeteries and heritage in Hong Kong for history, cultural and educational purposes.

Nepalese children descendent of Gurkha in Hong Kong are face problems in the public school system, where they are deprived of quality transformative education required to develop their full potential and empower them in the community. A suitable school-based curriculum has not been developed with them in mind, and there is a lack of qualified teachers to accommodate students from diverse backgrounds.

Many of them dropout physically and mental in the senior secondary years. To support these Nepalese students who have been dropped out and discontinued their higher education, two years online High School Diploma, alternative pre university program is provided under the sponsorship of Gurkha Cemeteries Trust. Taking into account the average income of families they have difficulty to pay the program fee. To enable students who are interested and qualified to take this online programme but cannot afford it, we are raising a scholarship fund under the Gurkha Cemeteries Trust.

GCT focuses on two areas which is, Preservation and Promotion of  Gurkha History and Nepalese Culture and an alternative Education for Nepalese youth.

1. Preservation and Promotion of Gurkha History and Nepalese Culture

a. Purkha Diwas (Ancestor Memorial Day)

b. Cultural Week (A one week program that showcases Nepalese culture as well as promotes diversity of Hong Kong)

c. Gurkha Arts and History Work Shop

2. An Alternative Education for those students who cannot fit into the regular education system

a. Online High School Diploma Program

b. Online Under Graduate Program (Starting from mid-September, 2017)

c. Parental and Community Education Workshop and Forum

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